Michael F. Robertson

Michael F. Robertson


Prior to becoming an attorney, Michael worked in the automotive industry for 42 years for both General Motors and Chrysler. While at General Motors, Michael worked as a design engineer at the forefront of impact testing and through its evolution into the science it is today. Michael worked closely with legal professionals and intended to attend law school with an eye on specializing in products liability.

Michael’s focus changed, however, early on in his law school days. During his first week of law school, Michael’s mother passed away, and Michael took over being the primary caregiver for his elderly father. Michael learned the physical and emotional demands of being a person’s sole means of support and care, but he also found the joy of giving oneself for the sake of others. Around the same time, while traveling in Bosnia, Michael was an eyewitness to the plight of refugee children fleeing the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica. It was while seeing the desperate needs of the refugee and orphan children that Michael felt the need to help children in the future.

Michael’s primary purpose as an attorney is to help the older and younger people in our community. He believes that elderly people and children are especially vulnerable and need our compassionate care. Michael often tells clients that “caregivers are my heroes” because they help the old and young.

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Michael F Robertson

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