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Probate: Protecting Assets of the Estate

Oct 21
One of the personal representative’s most important duties is to gather, preserve, and protect the assets of a... view article

Making an Estate Plan During the Coronavirus Outbreak – Is it Even Possible to Consult with an Attorney Right Now?

Mar 31
Yes. The legal team at Robertson Law will meet with you via telephone to discuss your needs. If needed, any... view article

Can I Prepare My Own Last Will and Testament?

May 3
The simple answer to this question is yes, you can. You can draft instructions about what you want to happen to your... view article

What Happens to Juvenile Sex Offenders?

May 3
In 2006, the U. S. legislature passed the Adam Walsh Act (AWA). One of the provisions of the AWA is the Sexual... view article

Your Rights in a Nursing Home

May 3
The population of Alabama is getting older with more and more “baby-boomers” reaching retirement... view article

My Loved-One Died but Didn’t Own Much? Should I Probate His Estate?

Mar 10
People sometimes ask me if it is a good idea to probate the estate of a loved one who didn’t own a home or had... view article

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